Jim Muchoney, Business Manager

Jim Muchoney became Allegheny Brass Band’s Business Manager in April, 2009 and has been instrumental in developing the band’s current method of operation: “We Bring the Band to You”. Being in the business world for 40 years and around music his entire life, this was a natural progression to become involved with the Allegheny Brass Band.

After graduating with a degree in Business major in accounting at the Pennsylvania State University in 1969, Jim went to work for United States Steel. Settling in the Chemical Division of USS (which later became Aristech Chemical Corporation) Jim progressed through numerous accounting / finance positions from a business analyst assigned to a business group, long range planning, capital investment analysis, and a manager of accounting of a major division of the company. The last half of his 30+ years with Aristech was spent in the purchasing department developing the energy purchasing strategy for the company as it separated from US Steel, establishing business partnerships with vendors and working with the ISO total quality process. Jim retired at the end of 1999 as the Director of Purchasing and ISO Coordinator of a major division of the company. Along the way he received his MBA with a specialization in Finance from Marshall University and became a Certified Management Accounting (CMA).

In 2000, Jim started JM Management Consulting, specializing in working with small businesses. He concentrated on business looking to expand their presence, those in trouble, and those just starting up. His expertise in all aspects of the business world enabled him to be a valuable asset to those small companies.

Music has always been a part of Jim’s personal life. His father and five uncles were part-time professional musicians as well as his brother and several cousins. His son along with several other cousins majored in music in college. His three children were all active in music throughout their high school and college years. In fact, Jim met his wife Joanne when they both played in their high school band.

With ABB, Jim initiated the publishing of the season programs, secured advertising, patrons, and expanded their concerts. He is instrumental in the outreach of the Allegheny Brass Band to the VA hospitals which are continuing and more recently to the band donating their time and talents to the Woodlands Foundation summer music camp for handicapped children.