Rick Bloom, Tenor Horn

Rick Bloom is a founding member of the Allegheny Brass Band, having participated in the band’s very first performance in 1984. Originally a trumpet player, Rick played trumpet with the band for several years before switching to tenor horn in the 1990’s.
Rick’s performance history includes playing trumpet, tenor horn, and euphonium in a variety of ensembles. Rick is also an accomplished singer and has performed in many choral organizations. Most recently, he was a member of the South Hills Chorale, and in years past he performed with choruses with both the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Rick enjoys all the music played by the ABB, but is particularly fond of the British classics. His favorite band piece is the Welsh song Men of Harlech, known in Welsh as Rhyfelgyrch Gwŷr Harlech. According to Rick, the music speaks for itself, which is a good thing because it’s doubtful that anyone could actually pronounce the name of the piece.

Teresa Huhn, Tenor Horn

Teresa Huhn, a French horn player who plays E-flat tenor horn with the ABB, was a proud member of North Allegheny’s “Marching 300” and Wind Ensemble during the mid 80’s. At Penn State, she was part of the Symphonic Blue Band, Brass Choir, and Horn Choir. She graduated with a major in advertising and a minor in French horn performance. Teresa was a member of the ABB in the early 90’s and began playing once more with the band in 2011. Teresa is a Realtor/Marketing Director.

Kathy Wikowski, Tenor Horn

Kathryn (Kathy) Wikowski joined the Allegheny Brass Band in December 2003 as Solo Tenor Horn. Kathy’s primary instrument is the French horn, which she has played since the age of nine. Kathy has been continuously involved in music most of her life, playing from grade school through college, and in various community groups over the past 40 years, including the North Suburban Symphonic Band, the North Pittsburgh Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Side-By-Side Program in July, 2000, in which her Mom also participated as a violinist.
Kathy is a founding member of the North Suburban Symphonic Band. She was a Board Member for 18 years, and President of the Board of Directors 10 of those years. She plays in the NSSB French Horn section. Kathy lives in the North Hills and enjoys reading, gardening, basket-weaving, painting and, of course, music! Kathy credits her mom, a violinist with the North Pittsburgh Philharmonic who has played since the age of 8, with developing her love and appreciation of music from an early age, and both parents for their encouragement and support of her musical activities throughout her life.

Howard Hillyer, Tenor Horn

Howard L. Hillyer was born into the American band tradition. His father was a high school band director as were two of his uncles. His older brother also became a band director. Four years at the University of Southern California were rift with band activities of all kinds. Two years in the US Army were spent defending democracy playing his French horn. Ten years into his retirement, Howard picked up the tenor horn and is now happily tooting away in the Allegheny Brass Band.